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Your hairologist specializes in cutting edge haircuts and dimensional color techniques such as strandlights, balayage, baby lights, foiliage and creative toning.

​A typical reservation with JC Hairologist is also shared with her awesome assistant, cutting service time in half! Your team of stylists are focused on accomplishing YOUR hair goals while building our "hair relationship." This is achieved with a lot of laughter, informative information on what (styles, colors, maintenance, products, etc.) works best with your lifestyle, and creating your unique to you color. You can trust you'll leaving feeling as fabulous and trendy as ever while finding that perfect balance of what works best for you! A factor that really sets her apart from other stylist is her honesty, she will be upfront with you in regards with your desired styles and hair health. 

Additional details available on booking page!


Effortless, Beautiful Color


Need a natural look for your next hair coloring? Book a Balayage appointment with JC in Salem, Oregon today and get that sun-kissed look you’ve always wanted!

What is Balayage?​

When someone wants to color their hair, they often want it to look as natural as possible. It can be hard to work those dyes in with your current hair color in a natural way, and this is where balayage comes in to solve that problem.

Balayage is a hand-painted style of coloring that creates natural, intertwined colors in your hair to make a final look that’s authentic, beautiful, and transformative. The process depends far more on a freehand, personal touch compared to other services we offer, but the end result is a hairdo with a sun-kissed, natural look that grows in a softer fashion compared to traditional coloring methods. You’ll also have far less maintenance with your hair, as an added bonus!

Want to learn more about balayage or schedule an appointment with the best place for balayage in Salem, OR?
Send me a message today, and let’s get you the hair you’ve always wanted!

Hint: Balayage appointments are booked as "full color transformation" on the bookings page!​


Cancellation Policies

Card will be charged in the case of a "no-show" or failure to give proper notice of cancelling or rescheduling.
In case of cancellation or rescheduling A 48 HOUR notice is mandatory, If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must contact me directly through the contact information listed as well as a direct confirmation back from me stating I received your notice to cancel/reschedule. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, appointment is considered a " no-call, no-show"
*By giving your card info, you are consenting and agreeing to incurring all charges applied if/when the policies stated in the paragraph above are broken*

New Client Policy

I require a one time deposit fee of $50 upon securing your spot with me! deposit is non-refundable but will be subtracted from your total at the end of our completed service. cash app, venmo or in person is preferred or we can run the card placed on file.

Special Instructions

PLEASE arrive to appointment with clean, dry hair, in its natural state or straight. It's important that I'm able to assess your hair's natural movement for cut and/or color (ex. no crazy buns, braids, or unruly curls). Color appointments take approximately 3-4 hours. No kids allowed in the salon unless they are receiving a service. Please make the proper arrangements or we'll have to reschedule, resulting in a rescheduling fee.

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