established in 2015

My journey as a stylist started in high school when my passion for styling kicked in, since starting beauty school in 2015 I've built upon that small foundation and formed a business around this craft that I love! following opportunity, investing in myself and others, and pushing the boundaries of the stigmatism that follows hairdressing, you'll find that I have a refreshing take on what it means to “ do hair”. If you're looking for a hair color that is unique to YOU, and a stylist that isn’t afraid to do what it takes, then you've found me! feel free to reach out my messages are always open.

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Kyle (boyfriend) Borris (elephant)

Kyle (boyfriend) Borris (elephant)


I’ve found passion in uplifting others, during the week its behind my chair at Ash studio in Salem, Oregon slaying the day away doing hair and having fun with guests. The rest of the time I'm probably still working on my business in some way or hanging out with my boyfriend Kyle and Lexus our chocolate lab outdoors, but I’ve come to realize that the best way to live my life is with light and love, this allows me to be humble and appreciative of opportunity, imperfection, and continue with optimism!

A newer passion of mine is traveling! Growing up, traveling wasn’t really a thing for my family but now that I am in charge of my time it’s something I try to prioritize. I’m so thankful my career has even led to travel opportunities as well. Networking and physically working alongside other hairstylists fuels my passion and I come home feeling inspired to incorporate new tips and tricks into my local business.

Being a business owner can be difficult and even though i’m always motivated to be running on all cylinders I’m also constantly checking in on myself. Self care is something I used to push to the side, but as I've grown older and more rooted in my career I've noticed the importance of taking care of the mind, body, and soul. Sometimes its as simple as unwinding in silence on my drive home, sometimes It’s and national or international trip. I think what I try to keep in mind is there’s so much beauty in simplicity and being present at all times.

A HUGE part of my life and business revolves around both truth and transparency  because when it comes down to being truthful about something as important as your hair, you’d want to know if those bangs would look weird with your face shape or if going that light might melt your hair off  right? I know I can speak with confidence and work more efficiently if i’m honest with my guests in setting realistic expectations.

Lastly I should mention how happy of a person I am! I enjoy sharing smiles and laughs with others. I’ve recently realized it’s a literal strength and that I can use it to make others happier as well! It truly makes my job so easy.

xoxo Jaycie Malia Kerr