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Your girl for Balayage, Haircuts, and Hair Styling in Salem, Oregon

As a renowned hair stylist, brand ambassador, and micro influencer, Jaycie's dynamic range of abilities have made her one of the most sought after stylists in the Willamette Valley, and soon to be country. Armed with the latest in education, it's her mission to give you the hair of your dreams! 

But don’t let her color skills steal the whole show. Her hair cutting skills are a cut above the competition as she tailors EACH haircut to each guest using a variety of personalizing techniques that are quite prestigious. You won’t just receive a haircut, it will be YOUR haircut. You’ve found your Salem hairstylist, come visit THE JAYCIE COLLECTIVE for unmatched salon experience.




If you're looking for a hair color that is unique to YOU, and a stylist that isn’t afraid to do what it takes, then you've found me!

My journey as a stylist started in high school when my passion for styling kicked in, since starting beauty school in 2015 I've built upon that small foundation and formed a business around this craft that I love! following opportunity, investing in myself and others, and pushing the boundaries of the stigmatism that follows hairdressing, you'll find that I have a refreshing take on what it means to “do hair". I’ve found passion in uplifting others, during the week its behind my chair at The Jaycie Collective in Salem, Oregon slaying the day away doing hair and having fun getting to know my clients.

A HUGE part of my life and business revolves around both truth and transparency because I want everyone who walks into our salon to leave feeling great. When it comes down to being truthful about something as important as your hair, you’d want to know if those bangs would look weird with your face shape or if going that light might melt your hair off  right? I know I can speak with confidence and work more efficiently if i’m honest with my guests in setting realistic expectations. Feel free to reach out my messages are always open.



As a Salon Owner +  Stylist I'm Invested in


At The Jaycie Collective we provide an unmatched salon experience. We do this by creating magical experiences, coveted results while using the best quality products and the latest in education and trends in the industry!



I am so glad I found Jaycie!


She is a skilled artist, consumate professional, and her desire to ensure that her clients are educated and cared for shines through in all the small details of her work. I have not been this excited leaving a hair appointment in years, and am so grateful to Jaycie for her skill with my new extension install & color! Can’t wait to return!

-Carly R.

Jaycie is the REAL DEAL y'all!​


Such a phenomenal experience from start to finish. This was the first time I met her in person but I followed her on IG for a long time(100% worth the wait) but felt like I knew her for years! We worked together with my hair and I let her do her magic. She knows what she’s doing and what she’s talking about she will not do you wrong! She gives you the best experience and also so fun to hang and BS with while you do your hair. You now have a new forever client. Your the best girl!

-Megan E.

Wow, Jaycie is the go to babe!


She is super nice and did an awesome job! I met her once, and knew I could trust her with my transformation! She gave me her professional opinion, and I went with it. My friend was not wrong in recommending her! I got Starbucks and a complimentary deep condition. Jaycie was very attentive and made me feel comfortable at all times! Yes, I’ll be back in 3 months! Thank you so much Jaycie I love my hair!


-Talia J.

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